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          WELCOME TO THE AQUIDNECK INQUIRER LINKS TO OTHER EXCELLENT PUBLICATIONS, RECENT STORIES OF OURS, ALSO A LIST OF CATEGORIES WHICH WILL BRING YOU ALL OF OUR ARTICLES ON THAT CATEGORY. AND OTHER INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE AQUIDNECK INQUIRER. WE ALSO NOW HAVE A BRAND NEW AQUIDNECK INQUIRER CHANNEL ON YOU TUBE WITH ARTISTS FROM ELLINGTON TO DARIN TO SINATRA TO KRALL AND ALSO HISTORIC SPEECHES, FILMS AD EVENTS, AND OF COURSE A BIT OF HUMOR. THE DIRECT LINK TO THE CHANNEL IS                                                                                              OUR ORIGINAL WELCOME FROM OUR FIRST EDITION ON MAY 24 OF 2001  OUR ORIGINAL WELCOME FROM VOL. 1, NO. 1, MAY 24, 2001 Today we put forth the first issue of a new publication - The Aquidneck Inquirer. The purposes of The Aquidneck Inquirer are to analyze and highlight current events and to comment on general matters of interest happenings and, of great importance, to hopefully serve as a catalyst for discussion and comment from and among our readers. The national stories - the Presidency, the Congress, the Supreme Court – will be reviewed. Places we know well - New York State and City, Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania, New England, the South and the city-state that is Los Angeles - will be monitored. We will look forward to becoming familiar with some new places and will cover them too. The Aquidneck Inquirer will take a look at important continuing stories Reviews of films, television, entertainment, sports and business will be included. When possible and appropriate, The Aquidneck Inquirer will report news. The Aquidneck Inquirer will also include commentary and opinion and the occasional editorial, all of which will be clearly labeled as such. Accuracy and objectivity will be the watchwords. As often as possible guest commentators’ writings and readers’ letters will appear. The "Virtual Smoke-Filled Room" will be resurrected. The Aquidneck Inquirer will take it slow at the start, and hopefully, will never take itself too seriously even though serious matters will be discussed. It is hoped that you will enjoy The Aquidneck Inquirer and send in your comments. In the meantime, welcome. The keys to The Aquidneck Inquirer will be to provide some stimulation of ideas, some interesting and entertaining reading and some fun.

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