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December 03, 2017


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Tennessee Jed

I have enjoyed your introduction and look forward to your further examination. I agree with most of what you say. I do believe there are some valid authors who have reached somewhat different conclusions, and at least in one case, I disagree with your conclusion. However, it seems only appropriate to wait until your examination to offer any challenges. Understand that where I disagree, it is generally because I feel the known facts are not sufficient to reach a conclusion, not that things might not have ultimately worked out as you say.

John Woodward

fascinating introduction. I am particularly interested in seeing your details about plans for the "Vietnamization" of that war since so-called "traditional" writing on the subject has focused on JFK's belief in the domino theory of communism, and his brother's answers when directly questioned about the president's commitment to not letting Vietnam fall to the communists.

As you point out so vividly, we cannot know how well such intentions may have played out in 1964 and 1965 had Kennedy survived and remained at the helm.

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